Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7 looks fantastic in new leaked render

Leaked renders have already shown us the colors in which Samsung is going to offer the Galaxy Note 7. The new Blue Coral color is a nice addition as its very understated yet eye-catching as well as a great alternative to the conventional silver and black color options. A new render has been leaked online which gives us a close look at the Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7 and it’s certainly a sight for sore eyes.

The new leaked render of the Galaxy Note 7 comes from @evleaks who was behind previous leaks as well. It gives us a great look at the Galaxy Note 7 in Blue Coral. Even the S Pen looks positively, for lack of a better word, graceful in this new color option. The render also reiterates what we have already told you multiple times before, that the Galaxy Note 7 has a dual-edge curved display. Samsung is due to formally unveil the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd and it might even release the handset on the very same day. What do you think about this new color option for Samsung’s upcoming flagship ? Let us know what you think about it in our poll for the Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7.


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