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Apart from Photos, iOS 10 also advances a series of other apps, all of which will benefit from faster CPU and GPU processing capabilities. Each year, there are new features in iOS that are only supported in the latest, newest devices due to new hardware features they include: previous examples include Siri, Continuity, Touch ID and last year’s 3D Touch.

Apple focused a great deal of attention on 3D Touch at WWDC, advancing it from select Home icon and Peak and Pop features to being a significant element in navigating iOS 10’s new advanced Notifications and Widgets (shown below), as well as adopting it across its own apps such as Apple Music, and promoting its adoption among third parties.

By the time iPhone 7 ships, a massive number of iPhone 6 users will be reaching the end of their second year and will be looking to upgrade. 3D Touch will offer a compelling reason to pick one of Apple’s newest models.

It would be naive to think that that there won’t be other exclusive hardware-related features, because Apple seems to be pretty good at knowing how to induce customers to buy new hardware by creating really desirable new features… as in every year for the last nine years of iPhone, five years of iPod before that, and across several decades of Macs.

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